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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep80: Oklahoma State of Mind with Anne Nelson

Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep80: Oklahoma State of Mind with Anne Nelson

Oklahoma native Anne Nelson shares the state’s complex, rich, and surprising history with the Bette community and why you need to visit

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“I can say that Oklahoma is a very beautiful state with some really incredible people. So let's start there. It's got this amazing prairie landscape and low lying mountains and wildflowers and everything you could really want. On the darker side, it's where I describe it as various of America's original sins coming together.”—Anne Nelson on Bette Dangerous Podcast

While spending time with Shadow Network author Anne Nelson at the Palm Springs premiere of the film, Bad Faith, I learned a lot about Oklahoma.

Nelson is from Oklahoma, and I found the stories she told me fascinating.

She saw the sticker on the back of my iPad which states — This Machine Kills Fascists — and she began telling me stories of Woody Guthrie, another Oklahoman. When I mentioned that I was not a member of any organized political party: ‘I am a Democrat.’ She recognized that quote from Will Rogers, another Oklahoman.

“We should do a podcast about that!,” she said. “About Oklahoma!”

This is that podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

Bette members can look forward to meeting Anne Nelson again at our Happy Hour:

And here is a recent Q & A I did with her in advance of Byline Supplement’s news meeting with Nelson:

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