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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep44 - The Psycho Circus of Mad Men

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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep44 - The Psycho Circus of Mad Men

Investigative reporter Zarina Zabrisky and Ukraine scholars and historians of fascism weigh in on recent events in Russia

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If you have not yet read this post or watched Zarina Zabrisky’s RadPod breaker, please do.

Here is an excerpt from the report…

Author/poet turned war correspondent Zarina Zabrisky:

Do not try to use logic. Do not project American democracy onto Russia. I keep hearing people say, ‘How is Putin going to explain it to the Russian people?’ He’s a dictator. That’s why they are called dictators — they don’t have to explain anything. They can kill half of the country, and they won’t have to explain anything, as Stalin did.

People are not equipped mentally and emotionally to overcome that gap. It’s like William Blake’s ‘Songs of Experience and Innocence’’, if you’re innocent there’s no way to gain or attain the experience unless you’ve lost your own innocence.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Twitter:

All autocrats care about is staying in power to have the ability to oppress and steal. The Russian govt. is a kleptocracy, it is a criminal operation and Putin will do whatever it takes to keep that going.

Michael MacKay on Twitter:

From the Bolshevik coup of 1917 to the Wagner coup of 2023, Western policy about Russia has been guided by charlatans, imbeciles and bullshit artists. It’s time for them to shut up. It’s time to accept the wisdom and leadership of Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans.

MacKay points out the gullibility of mainstream news media:

Since 2014 they reported “ceasefire agreements” made by the Russian fascist invaders of Ukraine as if they were real. Now they’re reporting a “peace agreement” between two Russian fascist leaders as if it is real.

Putin and Prigozhin are mass murderers and liars. They say the coup is over. Ukrainians know better. They mock the enemy warlords but know Russia’s descent into hell is a sideshow.

As my friend Stephen Douglas, who is the creator of the ‘Disinfolklore’ substack, wrote:

Since 2012, the Chef Saucerer Apprentice's St Petersburg Disinfolklore factories have delivered Brexit, Trump, and concealed genocide by Russia in Ukraine.

Now that Putin has admitted Wagner was a fully funded subsidiary of the Russian military that means that Putin is responsible for all its war crimes. Prigozhin was the figurehead for both Wagner and the Internet Research Agency, which was used to attack the US to impact the outcome of the 2016 election.

I want accountability for the Russian military operation that installed a spy traitor con installed into the White House.

Let’s stay on offense.

Here is RadPod’s recent breaker with Zabrisky:

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