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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep43 - ‘We Are the Frontline’ - Saving Democracy with David Pepper

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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep43 - ‘We Are the Frontline’ - Saving Democracy with David Pepper

How we win in 2024 and beyond

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We just have to see that the battle for democracy is broader. It's deeper.—David Pepper

Our ‘Speakeasy’ guests have been nothing short of phenomenal — they read like a who’s who in pro-democracy activism and scholarship: Jeff Sharlet, Craig Unger, Martin Sheil, Dr. Mia Bloom, Dr. Ian Garner, Jen Senko, among many other spectacular minds. And just this past Sunday, David Pepper joined us for the second time, and we all received granular instructions on how to save democracy.

Among the more important takeaways: Trump’s conviction will not save us. Accountability for lawlessness is important, but gerrymandering efforts and voter suppression will continue whether or not Trump is in prison. So please do not be distracted from the work.

We are going to be massively distracted — from the psychos in the Kremlin to the psychos in the Congressional Chaos Agents Insurrection Caucus to the psycho Vatniks of the GOP in Florida to the Tankies of Camelot — but if we take our eye off the labor of democracy for even a minute, we imperil our future freedom.

Here is an excerpt from my recap of David Pepper’s ‘Speakeasy’ visit, which took place on Father’s Day 🥹:

Let’s take the David Pepper challenge:

  • We will not be lulled into thinking that somewhere else determines the outcome

  • We will each in our communities commit to doing the labor of democracy

    • postcards, phone banking, campaigning, canvassing, whatever is necessary

  • We will make sure we run democrats in every race — no longer will extremists go unchallenged

  • We will cheer on accountability for the lawless, but we will not be cheated into believing Trump’s conviction will save us

  • We will go on offense and stay on offense

  • We will sharpen our messaging

  • Focus messaging on the consequences of bad Republican policies

  • Even if you think you’ll lose, try anyway

  • We will take on the book banners

  • We will work with nonprofits to show up at our school board meetings

  • We will not be bullied

  • We will get fired up

  • We will save our democracy

Get to work.


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“I say a silent prayer of thanksgiving as I walk upon the earth.”-Audrey Peterman.

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“Nothing but blue skies from now on…”-Irving Berlin


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(David with his sons Jack and Charlie on a recent family trip to Washington D.C., courtesy of David Pepper)

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