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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep4 - Haunted By Adjectives

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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep4 - Haunted By Adjectives

That time KRS-One showed up late

I hope you enjoy these periodic palate cleansers from the seriousness of the fash. I know I do, lol. My Hollywood nightlife and music memories are something I cherish - and I am glad to be able to start sharing them with you.

KRS-One once drew me a cartoon during an interview. I’m sure I have it somewhere. It literally broke my heart to write a lousy review, but even though I was being paid shite, and I didn’t have to, a writer without truth is a bit shit.

To read the original print version of the Haunted By Adjectives memoir, please go here.

I spent the morning writing a serious investigation for Byline Supplement, and it feels good to lighten the heart a bit. More tk xo


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