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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep31 - All Of Us Together

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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep31 - All Of Us Together

A recap of our ‘Speakeasy’ with author David Pepper

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Save the date! Our next ‘Speakeasy’ guest on April 23 is Dr. Mia Bloom, author of Pastels and Pedophiles - Inside the Mind of QAnon. We are the luckiest pro-democracy group west of the Mississippi.

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“Something Sacred never dies in almost all of us, that can hear the invitation of Truth…”-words from a Bette Dangerous community member


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Save the date! The next Bette Dangerous ‘Speakeasy’ Zoom for paid members is Sunday, April 13, 4 pm PT, featuring ‘Pastels and Pedophiles - Inside the Mind of QAnon’ author Dr. Mia Bloom.


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