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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep27 - The Boss Level - It’s Getting Real

Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep27 - The Boss Level - It’s Getting Real

And a story from Marty about a President who was prosecuted

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Here is an excerpt:

I’ve got that watery stuff in my eyes. A member of the Bette community wrote me these words:

“The long arc of history bends ultimately towards justice and improved living because of journalists like you sacrificing everything.”

I’m just sitting in those words for a few minutes. I’m always in action, so when I take a moment to pause and reflect on the toll of the last seven years, it’s a bit staggering.

And then words show up, like a life raft, and we flow down the river of justice together, taking turns paddling but all moving in unison toward the same goal - the preservation and betterment of our imperfect democracy.

The authoritarian right is playing defense now.

We are at the boss level of this story.

As Ruth Ben-Ghiat reminds us:

“It is time to think of the GOP as an autocratic force working from within to destroy our democracy, in tandem and in sympathy with foreign autocratic states which have that same goal.”

In this post, I recap the brilliant hour we shared with retired IRS criminal investigator Martin Sheil, who was our ‘Speakeasy’ special guest on Sunday.

He told us a great story about a President - Ulysses S. Grant - who was prosecuted, and who took it on the chin with dignity.

Unlike ‘Mr. Fraud’ - as Marty Noted - there were no disparaging comments, no playing victim, just an acceptance of the law, by a very decent man.

The boss level of the authoritarian right lacks decency - the least of their crimes, I know. But personally, I will always cherish the decent.


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(Ulysses S. Grant)


“Something Sacred never dies in almost all of us, that can hear the invitation of Truth…”-words from a Bette Dangerous community member