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Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep16 - ‘Putin’s Bankers’ Face the Music - As Cellist Hits Sour Note

Bette Dangerous Podcast Ep16 - ‘Putin’s Bankers’ Face the Music - As Cellist Hits Sour Note

Four bankers go on trial in Zurich on March 8 for helping Vlad’s ‘wallet’ - a Bette Dangerous exclusive interview with retired IRS criminal investigator Martin Sheil

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Okay, so I buried the lede! The West is finally going after Putin’s cash for the first time! I rarely use exclamation points, so you can see how excited I am. Thanks to the Panama Papers, the opaque offshoring world was exposed, and it forced Swiss prosecutors to probe bankers who were not doing their due diligence.

In this Bette Dangerous exclusive, I relay an interview with retired IRS criminal investigator Martin Sheil, who noted:

“It seems a certain cello player and close confidant to Vladimir Putin by the name Sergey Roldugin was the beneficial owner of Swiss bank accounts with Gazprombank which held millions if not billions of dollars that four Swiss bankers failed to conduct due diligence on and pretended to be sourced from cello concerts in Russia and not Roldugin's rich friend and wannabe Russian Czar.”

Sheil said that “it looks like they have to face the music from Swiss prosecutors for not following anti-money laundering regulations in Switzerland as trial begins next week.”

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